Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Bad credit holding you back? Well those days are gone many so called repair companies are out their but none of them can prove: WE MAKE MILLIONAIRES
See Proof Here

1. They cann't remove CHILD SUPPORT but we can! (even though it will still be owed and client will be responsible for it, but we are not talking about ethics only about the abuse of the credit bureau's and SOME times abuse of the family law sys which many times people who don't need money get it from the spouse and when one parent that does need it doesn't get it but that's whole other topic)

2. They cann't remove SCHOOL LOANS but we can!

3. INQUIRIES to opening accounts but we can!

4. LATE'S ON ASSETS such as Home or Auto's that are still owned and in your possession!

5. PROVE ANY type of FUNDING in which we can proof literally millions in funding for our clients.

That is our business model to invest our skills and time in the right clients and build them all the way to the top, and starting out with credit repair is some times how we can start. Others can't even do credit repair let alone prove that. We probably most very likely have more proof than any repair company out their to this day never have we encounter any that can prove A - D and if you want real proof you can talk to some of our clients that not only have we REMOVE EVERYTHING BUT WE ALSO GOT THEM MONEY BACK in range of $3,000 to $9,000 from the creditors, which NO ONE has proof of that but us.

Point is we are not here for anything but the long term funding which is fast and in high amounts. We are very good at what we do and have great connections on all levels clear up to the hedgefund, pension and large private portfolio lenders. We take a smart, aggressive, easy to work with person Ie not a cry baby or negative person ie one that thinks success is impossible when it is not and we can take them to the moon.

We can take off all negatives items such as (see proof below): Child Support, School Loans, All Inquiries, Charge Offs, Collections, State Tax liens, Federal Tax Liens, Bankruptcies, Repossessions, Judgments, Foreclosures, Settled For Less, Late's On Assets That Are Still Owned, Consumer Credit Counseling, Accounts Labeled As Potentially Negative And Any Other Type Of Garnishments. 

Call us today let us help you get in the game, we succeed when you succeed, we can fund like you have your one printing press and guide you into hot funding projects and developments as we get you past the basic easy 1 to 3 M range, we make our money when you get the big picture.

We can do everything with nothing from you if you have a 680 fico sometime less if you have a business we can do it with terrible credit and credit score doesn't matter.

Call us today 312-473-4163


$600,000 - 50M ALL FICO

Down to 630 Fico Military, 700 Fico To $400,000

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