Tuesday, August 14, 2018

CPN PACKAGES! HOT $10,000 - $50,000 IN FUNDING 4x's a year! Pay With Credit Card! 30 Days or Less!



  • CPN (skipped traced & Tri-Merge) 
  • 4 AU Tradelines ($17k/$7K/$20K/$24K) Two years old
  • 1 Primary which the client will apply for at Sams clubs with a instant approval of $5,300 that you can utilize right away) 
  • $30K-$50K In funding that we get you
  • Backend Fee: 15% 
  • Cost: $3,000.00 
  • in just 30 days or less 

SILVER CPN package includes:

  • CPN (skipped traced & Tri-Merge) 
  • 1 $10K-$21K AU Tradeline 
  • 5 Primary tradelines (that you will apply for)
  • $8K-$20k In Unsecured Credit cards
  • Cost: $2,200 
  • in just 30 days or less 

> THIS CAN FUND 4 X s a year and then use it to get into Business Funding on Stated Income Products! 



First, Last name:
New Address: 
Date of Birth: 
New email: 
New phone:

Get Yours Going Today. Capital Cash Phone: 312-473-4163 or visit us at www.capitalcash.co www.capitalbizcash.com www.venturecapital.cash


PLEASE PRINT V E R Y  V E R Y CLEARLY &  THOROUGHLY THEN EMAIL to Capitalcash7@gmail.com or text to 312-218-8737
Print Cardholder Name:_________________________________________________________________ 

Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________

Address:  __________________________________________________________________________________
Credit Card Type:
                        ________ VISA________ MASTERCARD _________ DISCOVER  _________AMEX
Credit Card Number:
    __________- _________ - __________ - ___________

Expiration Date:                          Billing Zip Code:         Phone Number For Credit Card:                                    
________ / ________      ____________       ______________

Card Identification Number (last 3 digits on back of the cc): _______________________ 

___ yes copy of a drivers license id sent in to verify ownership of credit card

Amount Charged:$ _________________   

I ______________________________________________________________(signature) ____________________(Date) I authorize this form as permission to charge the credit card indicated in this authorization form according to the terms outlined above. This payment authorization is for the goods/services described above, for the amount indicated above only, and is valid for one time use only. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

PRIMARY Tradelines & Why No One Can Post Them & How To Fund W Out Them


Here is why, the bureaus ended the whole primary aged tradelines game by requiring.

1. Site Visit to legit brick and mortar real business that is the same as the primary line would be ie a jewelry store, auto dealer, or whatever installments or primary tradeline it would be.

2. 1,000 minimum client upload

3. Calls to the minimum client upload to confirm and verify what they are financing and getting for collateral.

Above are the 3 reason's NO ONE's be able to post primaries in YEARS. We leave our ads up so we can tell people anyone selling Primaries is totally scamming you.

NOW if by chance you were to find the golden unicorn you would want them to provide you with live log in PROOF before and after and at this point the lies will start flying.   Or do a pay after which you know they definitely will not do especially since they only after is them stealing your money and running off. We like to piss off the scammers cause its the same ones, some times they call and attack us 200 x s a day see instragram businessloansgonecrazy for screen shots of calls.  Point is we rather see you save your time and money vs. get ripped off and if we were lying they would be able to do pay after and or show you live log in proof before and after which they can't. One says he can show you the after well that is because he is lying claiming it was him that put it on in the first place when it was a normal company so he is still lying and stealing money.

So how do you fund a file with out primaries now a days.

How to fund a weak file click here

If want legit Au (authorized user tradelines) providers we can tell you of some.

Once you have 4 ideally 5 AU s then call us and we can get you set up.

If your working with a CPN just know we can fund it to 100K max but if your neglecting your credit repair you  really costing your self 4x's as much for everything plus millions that we can get you in funding, investments and unlimited money making money.  Click here for Credit Repair + Free Tradelines + Funding + Investments & Guidance to getting unlimited money.  Credit Repair to Millionaire click here

Ok when your ready we get your life straight w Credit Repair will show how can make unlimited $ on top of $!  In funding, Investments and can set you up with corp funding: all ads to 500K-1M: 4xs a yr

LAST YR CLOSED over a BILLION click here

MORE ABOUT CAPITAL CASH and how we do credit repair to millionaire.
We have successfully built a rich army of clients but we need more to train and make rich. We have made our first million at 32, first 90 million at 40, and you wouldn’t believe what we make now. If we have more key people we like to work with, we guarantee you will always be making more and more.  You will pass your first million fast, some in matter of months, some takes a year. We need people we can invest our time in and those that will listen. We can a make a dog a millionaire if it just listens. Most people are zombies and think they know it all, or can do it alone. Yet they always come back, either ripped off or they only got chump change.  They find out they wasted nothing but time and are way behind the eight ball.

We leverage people to leverage ourselvesWe need trainable minds that we can turn into Rich Financial Warriors, which are so set with expansive perpetual self-running money machine systems. We have built a Hedge Fund style Samurai network with clients who have accumulated real net worth. We have always done nothing but win, win. We are multiple levels deep, in maneuvering our clients, into the correct positions way way way ahead.  Long before they even see where we have them set up to make the financial profit kill. Others copy, but they have no brain, no mind, no knowledge, no inside intuition, no dimensions, no guidance from deeper wells of wisdom.

Others are the reflection rippling in top of sewer water. We are the ocean deep taking our clients to the promised land.

No we're not trying make up BS to get your money! We get you money! We don't need anyone’s money. We NEED those who had it and lost it. We NEED those that want the 2nd chance. WE NEED those that have the brain and a plan that we can explode into an empire. With our skills, we will put you in a systematic wealth creation perpetual machine.  Join The Capital Cash Team.

WE CREATE WEALTH for those with a BRAIN! We would love to BUILD YOU UP, BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FUNDS & GUIDE YOU INTO RE. We get our clients into MONEY FAST! We keep building you fast to next deal with using leverage. We get you max liquidity, max cash flow, and max EQUITY in all that we get you into.  We get you max holding and exiting portfolio building.

We fund you all way and get you in RE fast with management companies! We do for you what multi-millionaires do on a daily basis.  The only difference is, they are not telling anyone how they are doing it. We make millionaires and get people in big deals, 20M+ plus and smaller to this point, and then way bigger. We NEED people with a brain.  The joke is for real! It’s easier for us to get you in this side of being RICH, than it is for you to buy a 100K house. NO BS!!

One thing we can't fix is lazy, negative, ignorant brain washed loser. Those who find unluckiness, problems and drama will go backwards on their own. Because they’re stupid. 

RE 100LTV 15M + Equity, JV, VC, Or Private Money

PERSONAL FUNDING 100-500K 4x's a year
CORP FUNDING 200K-800K 4x's a year

CORP BUILDS 8 Tradelines Eq, Ex Pay After
CREDIT REPAIR + Tradelines + Funding

Capital Cash Ceo
Email: Capitalcash7@gmail.com
Cell: 312-218-8737
Conference Cell: 312-550-3753
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Fax: 800-363-0079
Web: www.capitalcash.co

Below are key components of scammers