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WE CAN OUT FUND THEM ALL Personal 100K-500K 640 Fico Min! Business Loans $100K - 5M BLOC, ALL FICO! CORP FUNDING, CPN, RE 100LTV

Credit Deletions in 2-4 weeks!
Tradeline additions in 2-4weeks! (20 year trade lines)
If your about to go BK call me I can make that debt disappear.
My average client goes from a 515 score to a 750 score in 30 days.
Bankruptcy , Foreclosures , Credit cards , Student Loans , Child Support , Collections , Charge offs , Repos ALL DELETED!

We Have Over 1200 Tradelines with limits from 5000-52000 and ages from 1yr to 30yrs 
Most tradelines post 7-10 days after report date 
Quality Trade Lines

Do you have bad credit?
Need an eviction or repo removed?
We can help you get approved for home loans, auto loans and credit cards. 
You can save thousands of dollars in interest charges on your loans! 
A good credit rating is a crucial part of achieving financial independence!

We are the most successful credit repair company with the fastest credit repair process (only about 30 days). 

We have helped our clients remove negative items including:


We have years of credit repair and collections experience that challenge collection companies, bad debts and repossessions. Our process, methods and results have proven:

Highest Removal Rates 
Fastest Credit Repair (about 30 days)  
Professional Experience 


Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

Finding the right funding for real estate, business or personal needs can be a complex and confusing process. All Cash Network makes it easy to find the best funding solution that's ideally matched to your requirements. With one online application in one place, we'll connect you with the best-fit matches from among the world's top funding providers. Saving you the headache, hassle and uncertainties of shopping around. Get a simple, fast, free, no obligation quote!

Fast Real Estate Loans Throughout All of California!

Purchase or refinance loans for primary residence, second homes, and investment property throughout all of California!

First Time Home Buyer Programs

  • 3.5% Down Programs
  • Qualify with FICO Score as low as 500
  • Up to 50% DTI (Debt to Income Ratio)

Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

to get quick answers to your questions!

Private Money Full Documentation Programs

  • 90% LTV with 24 Months Seasoning from:
  • Foreclosure
  • Short Sale
  • Bankruptcy
  • Qualify with only One Year of W2's or Tax Returns
Call or text (818) 308-5561 to get quick answers to your questions!

Private Money Stated Income Programs

  • Recent Foreclosure, Short Sale, or BK OK!
  • Up to 50% DTI (Debt to Income Ratio)
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Qualify with 12-24 Months Bank Statements

Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

Private Money No Income Verification Programs (Up to 75% LTV)

  • Stated Income for 1-4 Units
  • Interest Only Payments Available
  • No prepayment Penalties
  • Investment
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Fix & Flip
Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

Fast Business and Personal Funding in All 50 States!

Small Business Term Loan, Lines of Credit, and Cash Advance Funding

Only 500+ credit score needed!
  • Term Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Cash Advance
  • Equipment Loans & Leasing
  • Minimum 4 months in business.
  • Receive $5,000 - $250,000 in working capital
  • Short Term Loans (generally 6-15 months)
  • Funding in only 3-5 days
  • We value cash flow over credit score. (Minimum owner FICO score: 500)
  • You must make at least $10,000 per month in total sales.
  • No more than 3 non-sufficient funds (bounced checks) per month.

Some of the Businesses We Provide Working Capital For:

  • Auto Repair
  • Bar / Nightclub
  • Clothing
  • Construction
  • Dentist / Dental Lab
  • Flooring
  • Florist
  • Furniture
  • Grocery or Convenience Store
  • Hair Salon / Beauty Spa
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • Hospitality / Hotels / Lodging
  • Liquor Store
  • Restaurant
  • Many Others

Personal Funding

Only 680+ credit score needed! (You or a Co-Signer)
  • Funding from $5,000 - $100,000.
  • 24-hour approval, 1-2 weeks for funding.
  • Minimum FICO score: 680+ (You or a Co-Signer)
  • Verifiable income with Paystubs, W-2s, or tax return.
Call or text (818) 308-5561 to get quick answers to your questions!

Fast Cash for Your Luxury Items

No credit score needed! Sell or short term collateralized funding. Service individuals or business in a range of situations requiring immediate financing. We help with capital when you need it most, small business needs, bridge funding, aspirational purchases and large, unexpected expenses.
  • Funding from $500 - $5,000,000.
  • 24-48 hour transactions.
  • Specialize in high end items like cars, diamonds, jewelry, and watches.
  • Fully insured.
Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

FREE no-obligation consultation! Available to take your call 7 Days a Week!


Looking for full or part time income? All Capital Cash Maximum Funding is seeking independent Funding Coordinators in all 50 states! Call or text ! 

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Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737


Up to $450K with low inquiries. This is kiddy wanna be Credit Cards like the wanna be's try to do hahaha this real liquid cash CREDIT LINES & LOANS the big boys stuff. NO PRE K idiot beginners here! 
The program includes 0% interest for 15 months with the ability to 100% liquidates with zero fees! 
690+ FICO All Bureaus
Revolving Balances Below 50% of Credit Limit
Current Revolving Credit Limits Should Around 10k or higher.
At least 3 "Open" & "Seasoned" Primary Revolving Accounts
6 inquiries or less last year.
Credit Karma Account needed.

Up To $300K Unsecured Funding
48 Hour Approval
0% Interest for 15 Months
Minimum Inquiry's during funding 
Credit Card Liquidation (Zero Fee)
Low Docs Required 

Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

One Stop for loans $10K to $2,2 Billion, We do it all!
All Your Loans Needs are Here for $10K - $2 Billion
1.5% - 2% Down or 98.5% LTV on $10 million -$2 Billion
One Stop Shopping for all your Personal and Business Funding needs
*Personal Loans Need a 680 Fico and up
*Business Loans Need a 400 Fico & up
1.5% -2% down for a $10 million to $2.2 Billion
No 75% LTV or 40% down LTV on loans like the Banks who wont loan you without a credit score, recourse, collateral, assets, cas down, etc.
- The Same 5 year funding the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas used for their $2.3 Billion hotel
- 1.5%-2% Down on $10 Million funding and up
- 98% LTV on ALL Projects Why Pay 60/40%, 75%/25% or More?
- Loans from $10M - $2.2 Billion and up
- Funding in 90 to 120 days
- No Credit Checks - No personal guarantee - No asset verification
- US and International funding - Start ups ok
- Real Estate All Industries, All Sectors
- Development, Construction,- Non Real Estate Rehab- mining- Oil & gas Pipelines- Green Energy projects
- Acquisitions, -- Construction- Development or - Rehab and more
- Loan starts funding in 100 to 120 days after your documents are submitted
- All points 5 to 6 in loan
- Nonrecourse - Assumable
- 7% to 9% rates, 2 year term
- Interest payments only first two years
- Dividends from funding pay ALL the fundings P and I after 2 years
- loan for any purpose in any industry
- Executive Summary and 5 Year Business Plan Required
- Funding must be viable Projects

Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

- Business Loans, Lines of Credit
1 - Unsecured Personal Funding up to $500,000
2 - Unsecured Card Based Business Line of credit Funding up to $250,000
3 - HIGH SPEED Credit Restoration/Enhancement Service
4 - 30 Day Credit Score Boosting/Enhancement Service
5- 45 Day Inquiry Removal Service with Experian - Equifax and TransUnion
6 - Global Proof of Funds (POF) / Verification of Deposit (VOD) Services
7 - Nationwide Hard Money Loans
8 - Nationwide Residential Mortgages
9 - Nationwide Purchase and Sale Debts/Receivables (i.e. R.E./Business Notes, Cash Flows)
10 - Global Leasing for Machinery, Equipment and More
11 - Global Asset Based Loans
12 - Global Purchase Order Funding
13 - Nationwide Cash Flow Funding
14 - Asset Funding against Owned Luxury Assets (i.e. High-End Luxury Autos, Equipment Artwork,
Collectibles, Jewelry, Diamonds) and Financial Instruments (i.e. Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Bonds, REIT's, T Bills, CD's, BGs, MTNs, SBLC's etc.
- Inventory Loans (Loans against Inventory)
- SBA Loans
- A/R Factoring
- Equipment Financing

Business Loans, Personal loans, 1003 Loans, Construction Loans, POF loans, Commercial loans, Flipper Investor Real Estate loans,

If phone is busy please text me, email me or leave a message. Text and email are faster with the below information.

Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

NOTICE: Notice, Notice Read
For faster service Text me and let me know if you want a Business or Personal Loan. I also need your email with the text. My Phone lines are busy but I can get to you faster with a text. Text me that information. Again, if Fico is below 680 on personal request you need a co signor. Have cosigner do application. Emails and Texts are faster way to respond. I need your story on a application, like a doctor needs a physical. It all depends on your applications vitals story. Questions will not change your Fico, debt, etc. All terms are based on your credit, assets, collateral. Everyone is different. Credit reports each are 28 pages, a story, your history
To speed up the process TURN IN with the application do a soft pull on your 3 FICO scores from all 3 agencies at or and submit with your application. Again, you will have questions but I need a application with your information and a credit score you give to me for Underwriting. Loans take a week. Maybe longer. Personal loans start at $10,000. Business Loans start at $10,000 to $2.2 Billion.

Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

Unsecured Business Funding in 10 Days. 1 page application

If you have been in business for six months and have monthly revenue of $6,000 per month, it is very likely you will qualify for 100 to 200 percent of the amount of the average monthly revenue of your business. This is unsecured funds, usually within 10 days. The process is for you to provide three months bank statements (6 months if you don't accept credit cards) and three months credit card statements and fill out a one page application. Our company runs your credit report, but your score can be 500 and in some cases lower than that. The company verifies your business location and that is pretty much it. So if between $5,000 and $500,000 would do anything for your business,

All Home Lending specializes in a wide variety of mortgage solutions for every borrower across the nation. We understand every situation is unique, whether you're a first-time home buyer, a veteran, or simply looking to lower your current rates and payments.

I can help you buy or sell your properties at below market commission rates...

Ask me about my 2 for 1 property deals....

Non-Prime Program for Borrowers with Recent Credit Issues
Credit scores as low as 500 (including jumbo loans)
Up to 85% Loan to Value with no Mortgage Insurance
Up to 80% Loan to Value (cash out)
Loans up to $1 million
Mortgage lates are OK 

Bank Statement Mortgage Program
Scores as low as 580. Exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis
No tax returns required
Single family residence, PUDs (Planned Unit Development), condos, 1-4 units
LTV up to 90%
Gift funds and business funds allowed

Asset Qualification Mortgage Program
No employment, no income, no DTI (Debt to Income)
Up to 75% LTV (Loan to Value)
4 Years seasoning foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy
Credit scores 700 or higher

Foreign National Mortgage Program - Developed for International Home Buyers to purchase an investment property or a vacation home.

No FICO required § Qualify with full documentation, asset qualification, or investment property cash flow
Purchase Loans up to $2.5M. Rate/Term Refi to $2.5M. Cash Out Refi to $2M
Second homes or Non Owner Occupied (1-4 Units)

FHA Loans

Down payment as low as 3.5%

Jumbo Loan

700 credit score and above qualify
Use business funds, bank statements, and retirement assets to qualify
Loan amounts from $453,100 up to $5M
Up to $1,500,000 Loan with 90% Loan to Value
Up to $2,500,000 Loan with 85% Loan to Value

VA Loans

Option for no down payment
No monthly mortgage insurance premium
Credit scores as low as 500 (Conforming) and 560 (Jumbo)
Seller or lender may contribute to veteran's closing costs

VA Jumbo Loans

Credit score as low as 560 
Down payment of 25%
Mortgage loan amounts over $453,100 - $3 Million are available

Reverse Mortgage

No monthly mortgage payments
Loan would be due when you move out permanently, sell the home, or pass away
Non-recourse: never owe more than what the home is worth

Call us 312-473-4163 or text 312-218-8737

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