Friday, July 6, 2018


What is an Authorized User* Or Primary Tradeline 
AU or authorized user is what it is called when you find some one who has good credit card history with a good credit limit and a low balance on there credit.  Ie originally it was for a father to ad his history to a sons, now its legal to ad an AU to any one's file and the bureau's have to by law accept it since a new law has been passed.  All you have them do is say you live at their address and ad you on to there CC s and they can say no I don't this person to get a CC or if they do send out a CC it goes to there house. 

That builds your credit and you only NEED 4 of them to get funding with us and can get 30k to 50k then at this subprime level of funding with some more adjustments we then can make your credit profile be able to next fund 100 to 300k then make some more adjustments and get you in to corporate credit funding 200k to 800k, we can do the above last two scenarios 4 times a year so that is a lot of money.  

Paid AUs will expire in 30 days normally but you will want to negotiate to have them to stay on your file longer. 

In old days well 3 to 4 years back there were primary tradelines fake tradelines with history in your name but no ones been able to post those since and anyone who says they can is lying. You can also prove they are lying by asking for before and after live log in proof from a credit monitoring site which they will make up lies about why they can't when really is because they can not post and they know it and are scamming you.   Granted if you did find an ANGEL a non liar person then you would tell  them do pay after but that's not reality in this.